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Ways of Seeing

Prototyping New Methods for Environment Switching in VR.

The following project was created in collaboration with artist Phillip Carpenter.

Imagine, if you will, the ability to see other environments through bubbles which float around your body and space like portals to other experiences. With your hands you can catch these bubbles and look closer inside their contents like looking into a magnifying glass that lets you see other perceptions. You can place the bubble on your head to enter that environment and continue through multiple existences.

That’s the most succinct way to describe the experience that Phillip collaborated to create with his friend Jose Pacio. He has been working with Jose on a few Virtual Reality experiences this past year and their most recent creation as of this writing has been a ball of virtuality rolling down a hill collecting steam the further it goes. For this piece “Ways of Seeing”, the boundaries of artistic ownership are blurred and rather shared as it includes environments which are interpretations of the work of several contributing artists. The piece evolved with more environments being added and refinements made throughout the three-month long exhibition at Photo Center Northwest in Seattle. The image below is a VR image capture from the experience featuring the work of Birthe Piontek, Samer Fouad, Savannah Ostrwoski, Jose Pacio, and Phillip Carpenter.

To see this project in detail please visit

Screen Shot 2021-11-19 at 2.14.10 PM.png

Videos of the Virtual Reality in action

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in VR
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