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Through the Gates

Through the Gates: A Design Survey

October 9–November 20, 2014


Through the Gates is an exploration of the abandoned storefronts of the Newark downtown district. Through photographs, collages, and publications, we reimagine the existence of these empty spaces.The package is not a resolution; rather, it exists as a survey to the current state of the downtown district.

Found objects and loose imagery encompass the overall work. Through photographing empty spaces and replacing the vacancy, Fouad adds light reflective material where there would be darkness. Although the project is yet resolved, Fouad plans to explore this vacancy in upcoming projects. 


The conversation lies in past and the future. As the downtown district becomes transformed, the fallen S. Klein building brings a large reflective skyscraper to the ever changing Broad Street. Newark is shaping an unpredictable future and this project sheds light on the portion in between. 

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