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A book of books based on dimensions within dimensions. The book is written and designed based on quantum theory, quantum mechanics and mathematics, but is presented through the lens of artistry and design.

Fouad designed and wrote this book to be experienced through and within the mirror box it is presented in.

Each dimension is bound and printed in a specific way to identify its specific part in the 11 dimensional plane.

The first dimension being a dot
The second dimension being a print
The third being an object
The fourth being time
The fifth being a weaving of time
The sixth being time travel
The seventh being our dimension
The eighth being other dimensions
The ninth is the ability to travel to them
The tenth is everything everywhere ever
The eleventh is GOD

Each folder contains a book that is a minimum of 6 pages explaining had said dimension. The second dimension is a screen print and the eleventh has an interactive light element.

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