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The Glow

Imagine a society based on the fear of missing out. Constantly refreshing the televisions in our hands to see if what we are currently doing is the best thing we should be doing. Double tapping imagery and disguising it as romance. Notification after notification waking us from our slumber to remind us there's more out there than our bedsheets.

Imagine a society where all dark corners are back lit with the glow of constant scrolling. Where our thumbs swipe right to signify attraction and left to show disgust. Where the days anxiety is caused by forgetting your charger at home or tapping your pocket to realize the extension of your digital self was left in the taxi.

Imagine a society where all art is condensed to pixels and is shown at a size less than your average business card. That if it doesn't capture the attention of it's viewer in two seconds or less, it is quickly swiped passed and forgot. Where the value of the art is now a number instead of a critics review. Artists have lost their touch because now we rely on a digital storage unit instead of the public's physical eye. Performance art is now only a relic we must record to later post, "happenings" just no longer happen. Art no longer challenges but blends. 

I want you to ask yourself, before you stopped to read this, how many pieces of art did you just double tap and actually remember? Is this piece memorable? If not, I failed, if so, good, it's the last in the series.


"The Glow" is a new series based on chaos, fear, anxiety and everything in between.

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